Brawl Stars Game Online

Despite the fact that Brawl Stars game didn’t have a huge success from the launch the amount of players started to rise very quickly. Adorable characters, interesting plot, enjoyable graphics – all of this has helped in reaching the top scales in mobile industry.

What We Should Expect?

We offer free access to play Brawl Stars every time you want, alone or with friends. It is a third-person online game where you are able to try yourself as a battle hero. At first there is only single character unlocked for the brawl. Here they are called brawlers. To introduce this product to you it offers you a simple skin with average abilities and strength.

Brawlers have three scales that display all their abilities – speed, health and damage. You should use them to decide which hero will be perfect in every mode. They also differ according to their classes and types. It may be either mythic fighter with supportive class or legendary shooter.

Special heroes may be received after achieving certain trophies you earn by winning matches. Other ones you are able to win in prize boxes or buy in the shop.

All of them have their attacks and super powers. Regular attacks contain shooting, throwing bombs, beating enemies with melee weapons and other types of activities. As soon as you hit particular amount of enemies and collect some points, you get the opportunity to use super power. It is usually very destructive or helps your teammates in different ways.

How Can I Play It?

All the damage you cause, health points and speed of movement may be increased by stars or gadgets. Moreover you can also improve abilities of your super power with these useful tools, that are received from boxes or bought with Brawl Stars coins.

One of the Best Fighting Games

Battlefields vary according to the mode you chose. They usually include some shelters, where you can hide from strong adversaries, big massive walls, some vegetation and other different stuff according to the main task. Be careful because some fighters are capable of shooting through shelters or destroying them.

Divergent modes demand different numbers of members and miscellaneous main aims. Collecting stars, capturing gems, scoring goals to the gates – you are able to choose every form of activity. Sometimes developers add new special events with big updates. During it you should try yourself in other kinds of competitions.

There were added clubs, chatrooms and friendships to create friendly community. Club membership assumes that you become one invulnerable team having precise plans, victorious strategy and distribution of roles.

Chat is being used to communicate, ask for advice and help newcomers. And if you become close friends with someone from the community you should include him to your friend list, so that you will send each other private letters comfortably.

Developers wanted you to feel the special atmosphere. So that they added multiple skins you should totally try. Also there are these adorable animations of all characters, that show how they respond to each result of the match.

Upgrading your hero with coins makes them not only stronger, faster and with big number of health points, but cuter and more beautiful. Many gamers draw amazing fanarts with all their skins, because they are really nice.

Here you didn’t even have to download Brawl Stars apk. Watch on YouTube about some helpful tips, that you will apply in gameplay process. Enjoy game here and invite friends!