Brawl Stars: 8 Bit Power

Brawl Stars: 8 Bit Power

8 Bit brawler is a simple fighter who has a very cute computer face and big laser gun. You unlock him by reaching certain amount of trophies. But, unlike other trophy road heroes you have to try really hard to receive him because of a big price. Despite it he is the slowest brawler among others, so that you should build your strategy perfectly to win the hardest brawl.

One of the Cutest Characters

According to his characteristics he has an average number of health points and causes much damage. He is able to shoot six destructive laser beams in one time with his cool laser gun. He also reloads his blaster very fast that helps in intense battles.

As soon as you shoot your opponents a couple times you can use his super power. It is helpful not only for him but for other teammates too. He plants special amplifier, so in its range he and other his team’s gamers become stronger, because of increasing damage they cause.

Special Features

Star powers that you can get either from special prize boxes or from shop increase his speed of movement or range of damage booster. Gadget also works with the super power – with the help of it? He is able to teleport to the place where booster works.

You can also use it to run from upcoming adversaries. To use him in the most perfect way you should choose modes, where he will be able to shoot from distance. Avoid lots of walls, shelters and other objects that may interfere his accurate attack.

He also has very beautiful and cute skins which you can buy in the shop with coins. Don’t forget to check these amazing game cards and find which skin is on his one.

Epic fights online, skilled gamers well-coordinated team – all of this become real when you play Brawl Stars. So don’t waste your time and press the Start button!