Brawl Stars Brawlers

Brawl Stars Brawlers

You know here you have to pick the best of all the coolest brawlers to win in epic matches. But not all experienced gamers have ever memorized every single of them, their super powers and regular skills. There is this amazing Brawl Stars product to help them get to know each hero better.

It’s not a huge secret there are many types of characters differing according to their main abilities, strength and chances of getting them from special boxes, or the number of trophies you have to achieve.


As soon as you play your first match you will get this hero, who is the initial fighter with average amount of health and speed of movement. Her main weapon is huge shotgun, which is perfect for close combat, and causes as much damage, as many targets your bullets reach. Two accurate attacks hit both enemies and shelters. Moreover, some useful gadgets and extra powers will add some exclusive features.


She is also from the same class as previous character. You have to reach certain amount of trophies to unlock her, so all gamers have to try harder in tough battles. On the battlefield she is able to build wrecking turret automatically shoots enemies around it. Her main attacks hit not only one opponent, but the two of them, who stand in the same area.


There are some epic fighters who have high speed of movement, and the biggest extent of health points of all. All his attacks include severe blows, causing huge shock waves.


Another epic hero can only be received from special boxes. She is high speed battler, but with exclusive gadgets you are able to even increase her quickness.


Mythic fighter is more team character, rather than single. She is very fast, and, moreover, when you use her super power, other teammates in this area also become quicker. Her cool blaster shoots from four clips in one time, that help you hit more opponents with only single shot.


There are some super rare brawlers, which is a supporter. He makes his teammates invisible for certain seconds by causing massive sandstorm. His shots reach a few numbers of enemies, if they are in the same area.


Despite the fact this character the legendary type, his amount of health points is very low. But, nevertheless, his ability is to not give your adversaries a chance to restore health, which is very useful in the difficult matches.

Of course, this is not the whole list of all of them, but you are able to see they are all unique, skilled and amazing. Try it, and decide which ones are the best brawlers. Check it with friends or play it alone. You will totally like it in all ways.