Brawl Stars by Supercell

Brawl Stars by Supercell

You probably heard about the spectacular Supercell game that takes all modern gamers’ attention. If you have once tried it on your iOS device, you will never forget that breathtaking atmosphere. What, if we tell you can fully experience it here without need to download apk for free or pay for it.

What About Gameplay?

Your favorite brawler is waiting for you to beat every strong enemy on your way. Arrange the greatest brawl on the map all players liked so much.

All your heroes with their destructive weapons and super powers, that reach not only opponents, but all shelters at the same time, will attend every brawl. And, of course, useful star powers, gadgets may help you in different ways. As on Android, there are special prize boxes giving you boosters for characters. You also have a huge chance to win mythic, rare, super rare and other fighters by opening them.

Brawl Stars support page accommodates all developers’ answers on popular questions. Your club friends can also give you all precise answers that depend on their experience and skills. You can also discuss the latest news about future updates in public chat. If you want to always be in touch with your close friends, add them to your friends list here. After it, you may chat only with each other, send private messages without any problems.

You won’t be bored, each big update contains new special events, difficult modes and maps, character improvements, beautiful skins and lots of other cool stuff. Be ready to try them among the first fans and share your impressions with others.

New events give you a chance to show all your skills and try yourself in many hard battles on different maps. Some of them are easy, where you are able to memorize all shelters, walls, bushes, and prepare yourself for next tough matches. But other ones are huge and contain a bunch of distracting objects.

So, what are you waiting for? Play it now to battle with other powerful gamers in real time.