Brawl Stars for PC

Brawl Stars for PC

Imagine the opportunity to download Brawl Stars on PC and savor it on your big monitor. Here is presented this amazing product, that gives you a unique chance to feel all the benefits of it.

Useful Tips

Like in the original fighting game you start with one exclusive character with their regular abilities and special powers. In future brawls you will receive exclusive trophies, prize boxes and open new cool heroes with own particular features.

With the help of these awesome brawlers you should start your long journey across all hard and difficult brawls. There are many modes varying in content or type of brawl, but one of the main tasks is to defeat enemies. One time you should simply collect more gems than other teams.

Other modes include some kind of football match, where you have to score a goal to the opponent’s gate. Or you should defend your team’s turret and destroy other team’s turret at the same time. All types assume that gamers will attack each other, collect rewards and use some valuable tools.


Of course, all abilities of your hero will increase if you use gadgets or star powers. They might restore your health points, improve your powers and help teammates. You are able to get them from special boxes or use coins to buy them. By passing lots of matches you earn coins, trophies, receive boxes and unlock special modes.

As the skilled gamer you may choose the best brawler fits your battle style perfectly. You are able to be:

supporter who helps his teammates in different ways;
brave battler who attacks enemies;
scary heavyweight who destroys bunch of opponents and shelters;
fast shooter who shoots everyone on his way as fast as they appear.

Probably, when you decided to learn about its gameplay, you went on Twitch to watch popular streamers passing it. But, of course, to properly feel the atmosphere, you have to try it yourself. Despite it not available on PS4, you can fully savor it here. Read about Brawl Stars on Reddit.

Learn about all useful things, news and special events on Twitter. There you are able to know, when it is out on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. And, of course, enjoy your free time in Brawl Stars.