Brawl Stars Leon

Brawl Stars Leon

If you saw Bentimm1 video, you totally know about this cool and strong character. Leon is a legendary brawler, who causes much damage and has high speed of movement. You can get him from any prize box and upgrade with coins.

His main ability is to throw sharp shurikens at enemies in the direction of sight. Because of that this hero is perfect for long rage combat. By activating his super powers, you make him invisible for certain amount of seconds, so that he can go behind the opponents’ backs and beat them unexpectedly.

One of his star powers help him be faster in addition to his invisibility, that makes him invulnerable to most of team’s attacks. Another one restores his health points every second from the moment of activating. He is able to spawn a clone which distracts other team gamers with the help of exclusive gadget.

Think about how you should use these tools, learn some useful tips about this stunning character and pump your skills. Find the best partner for him among others, combine your destroying attacks to hit more adversaries in the same time.

You can buy some amazing skins to make your hero more interesting and beautiful. Also, if you want to draw a Brawl Stars fanart it is a good idea to use his great outfits. Try to think of him on battlefield, hitting every powerful enemy with his metal shurikens in some cool animal skin.

Despite him being probably the most popular brawler, there are many other strong characters with their own unique abilities and special features. Test every of them to pick the perfect hero and enjoy your free time.