Brostars 2

Brostars 2

Brawl Stars 2 is the dream of any true fan of the first part of this amazing product. As soon as it’s released on the market, we offer you some similar games, that will take all your time. Brostars 2 game will transfer you to the atmosphere of difficult brawls and exciting shootings. Pick your favorite hero, think of the plan of how you should defeat your enemies and click the start button.

It is important to choose the right hero that fits your game skills perfectly and may help you beat all opponents. We present you the best and the fullest list of characters that differ according to their skills, powers and roles in the brawl.

Be The Hero

At first you receive one average hero which is capable of helping you win defined number of matches to unlock special characters. They are much stronger and faster, than other ones, have more health points and super powers. Their attacks and shots are more destructive and reach more enemies. Few of them are capable of crashing shelters and two or more characters at a time.

Battles are all dissimilar. Some of them assume, that you should achieve a simple task: score a goal in other team’s gate, collect all gems, destroy other’s safe with health points and turrets, fight big boss; and hit other opponents at the same time. You have as many options, as you can’t even imagine. Play all, so that you will never feel bored.

One of the most exciting parts of this product is these awesome special events. Developers always work on every new update that contains different challenges. Once in the month you are able to try yourself in the championship among all gamers. You have to win certain battles in different modes.

As the reward you get special points that can be used to buy some useful tools and skins. You can try yourself in other events to achieve exclusive points. Access to them unlocks by winning battles and receiving star powers. We offer you to play not only regular matches, but enjoy new events.

Prize boxes help you to increase your hero’s abilities, strength, health scale. Moreover, you are able to get coins that are the official currency here, from these boxes. Cool skins, diverse upgrades and daily offers in shops – all of these gamers are able to buy with coins.

Check all news, so that, as soon as the release date is announced, you can start training yourself to be the most skilled gamer of all. Play it with friends, defeat enemies and become the greatest winner.