Clash Mini

Clash Mini

Here you have to fight with worthy enemies on the battlefield! In Clash Mini you will be able to play in multiplayer mode and this will be the best solution. Three quick rounds await you, which will bring you great pleasure.

What is the general point of the game?

The answer is very simple! You can immediately see the results of your strategy and if suddenly it turns out to be a failure, then you will have the opportunity to change it until the next round. And also the location of your rivals will always be unexpected for you. You have two options for events. The first option – you can think logically about the actions of the enemies and strike in accordance with your assumptions and the second option – you can create your own strong army, to which your opponents will have to adapt.

The clans have a huge number of characters. You can choose anyone, for example, a knight, a pet, or some kind of evil spirits. You need to be sure that you can make your hero an invincible warrior! Improve their abilities!

You can also play alone. Here you will need to find various items that can help your knights. None of the participants will know what will happen in a second and this is what gives the reason to make sharp maneuvers.