Create Brawl Stars Clan

Create Brawl Stars Clan

Have you ever wished to be the leader of the most skilled gamers powerful union from Brawl Stars fandom? Or you would like to be a part of it without any responsibility, helping friends in every tough brawl? If the answer is Yes, we are happy to tell you, that as soon as you pass simple training, you will be able to assemble your own Brawl Stars Clan or join other strong groups.

Here everybody has their own unique roles. The head is able to promote you to vice president or veteran. As the vice president or veteran you can promote every participant to veteran or kick naughty gamers. At first you become the average participant but your status can change very soon.

If you join or lead it you will get some cool benefits. First of all together you are able to make precise plans about how you want to fight on the battlefield. Decide who is the best brawler for Big Game who is capable of being a supporter and assign other roles.

With the best strategy and help of your skilled teammates you may soon become winners in every hard brawl. Secondly you may meet many awesome people in online chat here, get to know each other. And maybe one of them will quickly become your best friend.

Get your free account here. Create team and move higher on the groups list. Play it and enjoy every minute with your closest friends.