Lone Star Event

Lone Star Event

If you liked Lone Star Event you will totally enjoy this amazing product. To succeed in this hard game your team has to collect as many special points as it can. You need five professional gamers powerful group to participate in this mode. You and your teammates have to fight against strong enemies’ teams with the same number of players.

In the beginning of the brawl your character has zero points. But as soon as you hit the first enemy you achieve the amount of these points that he had. Every fighter can carry from two to seven amounts of them. There is also a big one in the center of a huge map. When you catch it, your whole team will get one additional score. So you should try your best to get it from the very brawl beginning.

First of all, you should pick the right character. Not all of them are useful in this specific mode. You need great fighters, who are perfect on long distance, have destructive guns, that shoot couple opponents in one shot. High speed of movement may also help you to run from strong adversaries.

Don’t forget that you play online, and there are other skilled gamers on other side. Always upgrade your character’s abilities in order to play on same level and higher. Despite the result of a fight, your fantastic heroes will show you some cute animations.

Look for helpful tips on the official site and try it in tough battles. Enjoy this Brawl Stars game and especially this cool mode.