Mortis Damage

Mortis Damage

Bunch of videos in thug life playlists probably pointed you to this fabulous and powerful character. No wonder he looks like a scary mythic brawler, because in fact his abilities are as much destroying. Mortis differs by his incredible fast attacks and capacity to make spurts. Moreover, if you use one of star powers, you can increase his spurt distance, which allows you to perfectly avoid other gamers attacks.

Also, you will absolutely like his super power. As soon as you are able to activate it, a flock of bats, that are cute and terrifying at the same time, appears. All enemies have to run far away, because these small animals will take all their health points and restore their owner’s health scale with them.

You can’t hide from this cloud. All walls and shelters mean nothing to them. With special star power you are able to increase the amount of health points that will be taken from adversaries by bats. This capacity is very useful even on huge brawls – bats reach all gamers whether they are distant from the owner, or hide few steps away.

He also has big shovel that helps him to attack opponents in fast spurts. With special gadget the damage he causes with each hit increases. Gadgets and other useful tools for this character you are able to receive from special boxes or buy with coins. They make your gameplay more interesting and help you win the hardest battle.

Play Brawl Stars with this hero or decide who else fits perfectly to your advanced skills.